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Vitamin C – Me

With enhancing our immunity and strengthening our bodies being high on the agenda in the months ahead, we have decided to focus on one of the most influential vitamins in boosting the bodies immune system; Vitamin C.

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Virtual Spa

Le Jardin are buzzing to be the first in Northern Ireland to offer a new level of experiential spa with a Virtual reality and mindfulness concept unlike anything you have encountered before.

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Reset Your Body For Ultimate Results

I really dislike the phrase; “New year new me”. Not that I discourage people aspiring to enhance their current health and life situation. On the contrary, I’m all about empowerment, but I question if there was there anything really wrong with last years you?

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The Kitchen Alchemist

Ahhh you know we love to inspire the witch or wizard in us all with a few blending ideas, and winter is a time when you can do a special “ta-da” moment and produce for family and friends a tonic for their ails. This natural antibiotic can help infections and has been known to kill parasites. Naturally we would advise that you attend your local GP & follow their recommendations, however, we find this Winter tonic a great help to fend off the early stages of colds and flus.

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Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Megastar!

With almost every product and treatment on the market claiming to have anti-aging properties we often find ourselves in a mist of chemical sounding serums and scary looking procedures from blood plasma facials to laser treatment in a bid to hold onto youth and perhaps cheat the aging process where its most visible, upon our face.

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Heat & Heal

The therapeutic benefits of Saunas has been known for centuries. Many of the feel good factors derived from their usage center around purification of the skin, aiding circulation, relaxing
the muscles, helping to decrease stress and encouraging detoxification.

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Seasonal Wellness

As Autumn season like the branches is in full sway, we are looking towards the trees for inspiration and the tree of choice for Le Jardin this season has to be the Birch.

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Biophilic Workspaces

As wellness in the workplace becomes ever more important, more and more companies are tuning into nature as a way to promote well being and a harmonious working environment.

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Portrait of a young girl sleeping on a pillow

Sleep Per Chance To Dream

Beauty sleep is not a myth…. those of us who fail to get enough sleep be that due to the treaded insomnia or burning the candle at both ends well ultimately our skin will pay the price. There is after all only so much concealer can do.

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