At Le Jardin we use only the highest quality products in our treatments alongside our own exclusive product range.

Thermal bathing promotes relaxation, improves breathing and cleanses the body to enhance the benefits of your spa treatments or simply help you to feel fresher and lighter.

Aromatically infused steam is emitted to slowly heat and refresh the body. Breathing is eased and the lymphatic system cleansed, leaving a glowing skin tone.

A scientifically proven therapeutic dry heat which boosts the immune system by encouraging detoxification. Herbal aromas clear the senses whilst far infrared eases and treats aches and pains whilst burning up to 400 calories in 20 minutes.

Cool down between various heat temperatures by using the bucket drench to shock and revitalise the senses.

Le Jardin’s serenity area for post treatment rest is also therapeutic in its nature as it hosts a gently flowing water feature and a unique purified air system. The 99.995% pure air within this room ensures that even as you revive after your treatment the wellness benefits of detox, anti-aging and regeneration continues.

This is a wonderfully relaxing water experience heated to body temperature with a swan neck fountain jet to ease away tension in the neck and shoulder areas. Hydrotherapy jets also massage targeted stressed muscle groups.