Reset Your Body For Ultimate Results

I really dislike the phrase; “New year new me”. Not that I discourage people aspiring to enhance their current health and life situation. On the contrary, I’m all about empowerment, but I question if there was there anything really wrong with last years you?

When you make such brash statements to my friends and family you are met with a barrage of self-flagellating statements about all of the things that they felt they didn’t achieve, and what they could have done better in the year gone. And nobody likes to hear it when you say, “don’t stress too much about it”, because that causes the body to hold onto the hormone cortisol which actually makes you hold onto weight!”

When it comes down to it, the majority of gripes centre around unused gym memberships, failed diets and vices we wanted to drop but just couldn’t. Delving deeper, a lot of the reasons why the most positive of intentions are not achieved comes down to time. Take for example the biggest issue on the table or indeed with the table – weight! It takes time to plan out your healthy low carb/keto/paleo/5:2 diet and prepare your chia seed pudding for dessert. It takes time to hoke out the gym gear and go to your personal trainer whilst attending your weekly weigh-in for moral support. It takes time to figure out which aisles to go down in your local supermarket so to avoid the cheese/wine/chocolate which you crave. So, what’s the answer? results!!

When you begin to see the small glimmer of hope in the mirror and can breathe with the top button closed, you gain the positive affirmation that you are on the right track. So how do you get there? You trick your body to burn the fat, whilst you slowly but surely make the changes which will not become part of a short crash diet but will become your routine, as you have found time-saving ways to make the healthy choice your go-to. After your first session, you will see the results needed to put you in the correct frame of mind to make the small changes to your lifestyle which will sustain lasting results. So why not adopt the “work smarter” approach and let us take away the time conundrum.

Le Jardin is delighted to offer this health-enhancing service which involves;

  • A detailed health assessment and “weigh and measure”;
  • A sequence of 4 weekly state-of-the-art detox fat burning treatments which will trick your body into getting rid of the fat tissue and the dreaded cellulite. That includes cryotherapy, far infrared and advanced lipolysis techniques;
  • A months supply of weight loss tea and metabolic booster supplements;
  • An easy to follow diet which can be continued after the first four weeks;
  • A follow-up consultation with results session and “before and after pictures” to encourage the good habits acquired.

Remember there was nothing wrong with last years you, but if you want lasting change to begin on a high with some positive time-saving encouragement and a little boost let Le Jardin help you “work smarter”.