Biophilic Workspaces

As wellness in the workplace becomes ever more important, more and more companies are tuning into nature as a way to promote well being and a harmonious working environment.

A key feature in this is biophilia which centres around the concept of the healing bond between humans and nature. It is believed that as a result of modern life we are inevitably spending more and more time indoors (which may also explain depleted Vitamin D levels) and as a consequence, we are losing our connection with the natural world.

Step forward biophilic design, as architects are inspired to enhance an individuals living environment by reflecting the outer environment. Studies have shown that biophilic spaces promote creativity, reduce stress, enhance productivity and contribute to a feeling of wellbeing. 

Le Jardin spas also incorporate this ethos as water and greenery feature in the design and the concept of nurture within nature is at the premise of all our signature spa treatments.  Elements such as natural stone and pieces of solid wood not only add to a beautifully designed space but also resonate with individuals on a deeper.

Shapes traditionally found in nature such as the intricate fretwork which mirrors itself on the delicate skeleton of a leaf also adds to the nature connection.