Virtual Spa

Le Jardin are buzzing to be the first in Northern Ireland to offer a new level of experiential spa with a Virtual reality and mindfulness concept unlike anything you have encountered before.

In conjunction with our luxury product partners Natura Bisse,  (recently awarded Forbes- Worlds best Spa Skincare brand), Le Jardin Spa have combined a meditative, virtual, visual and auditory sensation with hands on bespoke therapy.

Natura Bisse are accredited as being pioneers in the field of enhanced spa experience, combining technology with results focused products in a guest focused way.

The mindful touch is centred around the ideal that a holistic spa treatment should connect body and spirit, focusing as much on inner balance and achieving a zen and relaxed state, as it does on the external enhancement of the body.

So what exactly can you expect from a Le Jardin Mindful touch experience?

It all begins in the tranquil surroundings of your treatment room as you rest comfortably on the therapy bed and are encouraged to take deep breaths, a meaningful pause and then you are encouraged to allow the immersive experience to begin.

Your treatment will encompass a mindfulness video played to you via a VR headset which is similar to guided meditation. The video will take you through a multitude of proven visuals to aid a deep level of contentment and relaxation. As you are engrossed in your trip through nature, whilst listening to the therapeutic sounds of babbling brooks your therapist in sequence to what you are visualising and hearing, is expertly delivering your hands on therapy in tandem with the guided meditation.

The health benefits of this new technology inspired technique being that the touch element in conjunction with brain stimuli, actually prompts the release of neurochemicals connected with feelings of wellbeing. In addition to this the production of negative stress hormones such as cortisol are lowered thus feelings of anger, stress and anxiety are diminished.

The results of adding this unique experience into any treatment have been quoted as leaving guests with, “a sense of serenity”,” an energetic boost”, “the feeling of being truly rested” and “having had a meditative session which is suitable for even the busiest of minds”.