Heat & Heal

The therapeutic benefits of Saunas has been known for centuries. Many of the feel good factors derived from their usage center around purification of the skin, aiding circulation, relaxing the muscles, helping to decrease stress and encouraging detoxification.

In this sauna, infrared light penetrates several inches into the body and heats up the body’s tissues causing a multitude of positive effects, which include a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, improved mood, skin rejuvenation, increased metabolic rate, better cardiovascular health and lowered blood pressure.

In our opinion, any trip to the spa is enhanced by 15-20min relaxation pre-treatment in the sauna. Tense muscles will be relaxed pre-massage to ensure a more relaxing session and there is a natural ability for the infrared to give pain relief, ease skin conditions such as acne psoriasis and eczema, help with chronic fatigue, etc.

The fatigued dieters among us will also be delighted to learn that you can also burn up to a whopping 600 calories per session.

No surprise we encourage spa-goers to spend 15-20min soaking up the benefit of these healthy rays!

Also, why not reap the benefit of far infrared during your spa facial or treatment by incorporating an infrared wrap into your spa time. Contact Le Jardin for further information.