Seasonal Wellness

As Autumn season like the branches is in full sway, we are looking towards the trees for inspiration and the tree of choice for Le Jardin this season has to be the Birch.

Not only as it poignant that its ancient symbolism is around new beginnings, motivation and imagination in line with our recent frenzy of activity in Le Jardin! but also it has been revealed to have highly active phytotherapeutic benefits. 

The silvery bark adds brightness to the landscape, as reflected in the wonderful contrast colours in Gustav-Klimt’s work in the image opposite. We encourage you to come sample our complimentary Birch leaf tea in spa. 

Sap extracted from the tree contains sugars and enzymes and a multitude of healing properties, Birch water, in particular, is a traditional tonic in Poland and across northern Europe. 

It is reputed to remove toxic substances from the liver and kidneys. The use of Birch as a powerful diuretic and its ability to flush out toxins has made it an excellent aid in targeting stubborn fat deposits such as cellulite.

The detoxifying hip and thigh treatment at Le Jardin utilises a birch and seaweed infused oil combined with an exfoliating scrub to help begin the cleansing process, moving the lymph and aiding tonification of the skin.