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With enhancing our immunity and strengthening our bodies being high on the agenda in the months ahead, we have decided to focus on one of the most influential vitamins in boosting the bodies immune system; Vitamin C.

In the beauty world, Vit C is responsible for helping the body with the formation of collagen muscle and cartilage and fighting off the free radicals which cause oxidative stress in the body and thus age the skin prematurely. However, internally Vit C is an amazing catalyst driving our immune system into action, acting to not only ward off infections but to energise the body simultaneously.

Whilst you might be encouraged to supplement this vital vitamin into your diet, it has been proven that synthetic forms of Vit C simply don’t last as long within our systems like those from natural food sources (or supplements which are derived from such). Natural sources of Vit C ultimately being more bio-available in both the blood and the liver, and easily assimilated. Thankfully, many dietary staples contain high levels of Vit C, and our knowledge of its actions are historically noted and furthermore with the popularity of veg and fruit juicing we can easily gain high levels from our food.

Traditionally, Nettle soup and Kale broths would have been given to treat colds and flu. Healers and herbalists would reach for Elderberry and Yarrow as tonics to fight off fever associated with colds and flu’s again now known for their high Vit C and Vit A content. Rowan berries akin to Rose-hip in their Vit C levels would have been taken to fight off scurvy. Mint tied to the wrists was said to fight off infection and disease.

Essential oils of lemon, orange and lime are all known for having antibacterial effects and can be used in a sick room to help purify the air and lift the spirits.

Herbal teas of dried lemon peel and fruit berry teas all contain Vit C and being that viruses dislike intense heat are great to sip on as a preventative.

An unseen form of viral reinfection which can often be the overlooked is your toothbrush, however, squeezing lemon juice on this then rinsing can help kill off nasty bugs.

The daily recommendation of Vit C is approx 80mg per adult however when colds and cases of flu are imminent its best to up this to no more than 500mg every 2 hrs. Vit C in large doses can irritate the bowels and stomach and should be used in caution by those who are pregnant or on blood thinners.

Please seek your GP’s approval if you are currently on medication or undergoing medical care before embarking on a high supplementation programme.

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Although we associate the zesty orange with Vit C content some foods are essentially higher.

These include:

Acerola Cherries: 1644 mg per cup.

Yellow Peppers: 340 mg per cup

Strawberry: 89.4 mg per cup

Papaya:  86.5 mg per cup

Kale: 80 mg per cup

Broccoli 132 mg per cup

Orange: 70 mg per cup


Natura Bisse:


Enticingly aromatic with its scents reminiscent of a Mediterranean orange grove. Natura Bisse’s hero in their Vit C range has to be the C&C cream enriched with Vit c and D and infused with turmeric oil is perfect to restore skins brightnesss, prevent sun spots, and is highly anti aging.

Le Jardin:

Own brand Rosehip and Rowanberry serum.

An extremely potent anti ageing serum which ideally is applied morning and night to help prevent free radicals on the skin which lead to premature ageing.

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Wild Nutrition:

Vit C & Bioflavonoids

Recommended for immunity, post exercise support, energy, mood, iron absorption skin and collagen formation and oral health.


Ester C 950mg

Highly absorbable form of Vit C which is buffered to be gentler on the stomach, A pH neutral presentation of Vit C it contributes to immunity and protection of the cells from oxidative stress.