Le Jardin Summer Scent-Sations – Glow Up

As an extra gift to ‘glow’, Le Jardin’s Spa Summer Sensation package includes our popular bespoke botanical body oil. With wonderful vegan scents such as the sublimely feminine wild rose, or the uplifting lime and basil..these aromatics linger on the skin for hours after application.

Why choose a summer oil over a lotion? As spa professionals, we find an objection guests have to using a daily skin oil is not wishing the skin to feel greasy. This common misconception comes from the type of oil used. Mineral oil for example used in most mass-produced skincare contains kinds of paraffin that sit on the skin, whereas almond, grape seed and avocado oil used within our hand blended oils contain nutritive omega oils and actually lock in moisture getting absorbed into the top dry layer of skin. Another hero ingredient in the Le Jardin skincare range is the humble Rosehip. Rosehip has a duality of functions, it is a gentle aid in cell renewal and also a proponent of anti-ageing being that it is high in essential fatty acids (80%). It is also extremely high in wrinkle-fighting antioxidant Vit C.

We highly recommend clients switch from a lotion to a body oil during summer seasons are lighter and less likely to block pores than thick lotion and creams.

For optimum results apply your oil after Your shower to trap moisture and leave a smooth texture. Also remember your Spa therapists advice and try not to shower after a massage for at least a few hrs to allow to not only have a further relaxing effect but to ensure that the aroma oil continues your spa/skincare therapy long after your visit.

To book Le Jardin’s Summer Sensation offer which includes thermal access, a full facial and aroma back massage followed by a refreshing mojito served in the serenity garden click here.