Calmer Karma at Le Jardin Spa

It’s all in your head. Self-care and retaining a sense of balance in life is at the forefront of most people’s minds at the moment. At Le Jardin Spa, we are in the blessed position of helping our guests relax and detach from worries, all be it for a brief time.

Whilst we may only have got a taste this year of an Indian Summer, the great weather nevertheless inspired us to look to exotic locations for healing and therapeutic spa treatments which we could introduce to our ever-evolving spa menu. So, this season, we are delighted to bring you the ancient renowned Shriodhara treatment.

Shriodhara is an Ayurevdic practice and combines Indian scalp massage with pouring warm oil over the scalp. Le Jardin Spa therapists thoroughly enjoyed training in this using our traditional equipment, the hanging copper pot and stand which we imported from India to ensure the best possible experience.

The name Shriodhara comes from the Sanskrit words of ‘Shiro’ meaning head and ‘Dhara’ meaning flow. This therapy has irrefutable stress relieving abilities and in fact medical studies using ECG and biochemical market in volunteers shows that such therapy leads to a state of alert calmness similar to the response observed in meditation. The long-term use of this modality of treatment has been shown to reduce hypertension, anxiety and stress aggravation caused by chronic degenerative diseases.

If this treatment appeals to you as well as other Indian delights, our Calmer Karma September Special could be the perfect package for you.

The Calmer Karma September Special includes your choice of two of the following traditional Indian-inspired therapies…

Shriodhara: This ancient healing Ayurvedic treatment is sublimely relaxing and involves warm oil being gently poured over the forehead and scalp as your tensions are washed away during a sedating Indian head massage. This amazing therapy is ideal for anything with sleeping issues or those suffering with stress.

Turmeric Infused Facial: This anti-inflammatory mask helps with a vast range of skin issues from acne to hyperpigmentation. Our team of therapists adore this mask for its instant skin brightening effect and its anti-wrinkle properties.

Herbal Heat Back Massage: This warm oil back massage begins with the application of heated herbal back pillows to allow the muscles to relax pre-treatment for a more therapeutic and tension taming treatment.

Ayurevdic Foot Massage: The ideal choice for those with over walked or over worked soles. Similar to a reflexology session, the treatment involves the therapist massaging reflex points on the feet to promote general physical health. Beginning with a foot cleanse and leg massage then a specialised wooden massage tool massaged gently along the foot sole helps to release tension.

Your spa experience includes 1 hour in the thermal spa pre-treatment and a thoroughly refreshing mango and mint margarita post treatments served as you recline in the relaxation serenity garden and dream of far away.

This offer is only available during September 2021 and is £95 per person – Book now.