Relax And Eat The Egg

As we approach the season of Cream Eggs and expanding waistbands here at Le Jardin we are pondering the virtues of one of our favourite indulgent treats... Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is one of our favourite ingredients to use in the spa, not only for it’s rich scent but also it is a powerhouse of age fighting anti-oxidants. This makes it an excellent skin superfood that can be used both externally to fight fine lines, wrinkles and to nourish skin and also internally …in moderation!

Some of the most notable health benefits of consuming, again; moderate, amounts of dark chocolate include;

  • Improving memory and cognitive ability due to high levels of flavonoids that help the blood flow to the brain.
  • Blood pressure control; the same flavonoids also help control blood pressure.
  • Mood boosting by producing endorphins in the brain that help seratonin; the “happiness hormone”, to elevate the mood.

All sounds good… and a little known fact is that dark chocolate is surprisingly good for teeth; as it contains theobromine which hardens enamel.

So take some advice from Le Jardin, until you can visit us and experience a choc body scrub or wrap indulge yourself this Easter with some dark chocolate treats and relax with a sharp mind and beaming smile.