Let Out The Joy

How long has it been since you have partaken in a good giggle? Or overheard a big belly laugh? The sort of laugh that begins deep in the depths of someone’s tummy and rises upwards forcing them to throw back their head in exhalation and unashamed let the joy out?

Has it been a while? Yes, it certainly feels that way for a lot of us, and many of us might currently be a little fearful of such gregarious emotions as the expulsion of air in this manner may not be significant in respect for spreading of vaporous molecules amid this pandemic. Nevertheless, joy and laughter bond us as a species and indeed boost our immune system. We are all too aware of the palpable feelings of worry, anxiety, fear and apprehension that surround us all at the moment, which is why now more than ever we need to nourish ourselves and build up our mood immunity.

Working in the Spa industry, we are privy to the many joyous celebrations in life; the couples package celebrating an engagement, anniversaries, hen parties, new-mother treats and more recently generations reconnecting after lockdown in our relaxation suite.

Our surreal pandemic situation at present has the majority of us with our fight or flight stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol coursing through our systems unabated as we try to comprehend the weeks and months ahead. During an extended period, this will exhaust and overwork our nervous systems leaving us feeling exhausted and ultimately depleted. Other complications of prolonged periods of stress include increased blood pressure and weight gain.

So how do you boost your body’s resilience to stress? Mediation, exercise, supplementation with adaptogenic herbs and deep breathing techniques are all helpful. At Le Jardin, we are also fortunate to be in the happiness business, and a good massage is proven to release the body’s natural endorphins the same chemicals that are produced by the body when we experience laughter.

These endorphins are called neurotransmitters, and send messages through the body, essentially telling us how to feel. Endorphins act as a natural analgesic, providing us with a sense of calm and ease, often capable of relieving anxiety and depression. The endorphins released during a massage treatment are the same as those released when you exercise and when you laugh. So this is why guests often leave a spa with a floating feeling as the endorphins enter the bloodstream leaving you a little light-headed.

This comforting feeling of wellbeing can also help with sleep deprivation and immunity. Massage and the endorphins don’t just affect the mind, they aid the lymphatic system and support its efficiency in discarding toxins so ultimately strengthening your system against ill health and disease or “dis-ease” as it is more apt.

So when you’re ready for some serene joy and want to feel the thrill of a deep, old fashioned, belly laugh you can book in for a massage at Le Jardin and let us delight in delivering some much-needed happiness hormones and replenish those endorphin stores again.