Spa Tech Focus – LED Face Mask

Natura Bisse facials at Le Jardin always combine advanced skincare technology with the purest of products. One of our favorite tools of 2021 being the LED mask which guarantees a brighter complexion with lightning-fast results!

As our skin ages, it suffers a gradual loss of collagen and elasticity, loses 20 to 80% of its thickness, and becomes more susceptible to pigmentation and age spots. The red and near-infrared light wavelengths are clinically proven to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production in the skin cells, utilising a process called photobiomodulation, or low-level laser therapy. It may sound scary, but it’s 100% safe and pain-free. This process is defined by non-ionizing electromagnetic energy triggering photochemical changes within the skin cell structure, firming and lifting for youthful-looking contours. These effects help skin cells absorb topical skincare products more effectively and help reverse the effects of the ageing process. Designed to deliver the maximum amount of light directly to the skin without wastage, this next-level mask transforms lacklustre complexions with restored radiance, tautness and bounce in 10 minutes. When combined with our Forbes award-winning skincare you get transformative effects within one session. You can request to add this LED mask into your next spa package at Le Jardin to try this new technology for yourself.

For best results in spa we combine Nutura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion, applied underneath the LED mask. The LED (Light Emitting Diodes) help to stimulate collagen and elastin making the skin younger and healthier. The light penetrates the skin and rejuvenates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. You will come out of the facial with smoother, refreshed skin.

Brighter Times Ahead – Launching in 2021 will be a LED neck mask

“When I started working at Natura Bisse, the first thing I learned from our skin care experts is that the face-neck balance is essential to a harmonious appearance. This message has always stayed with me,” says Patricia Fisas, senior VP research and innovation, at Natura Bisse. Today, the Spanish skincare brand has unveiled its Inhibit V-Neck ‘masterplan’ for the neck and décolleté, an area where the muscles are finer, the skin is thinner and subjected to constant movement such as ‘tech neck’ where people spend all day looking down at screens with bad posture. The global programme consists of two products for professional use or retail: a serum with tightening, filling and firming ingredients; and a hyaluronic acid mask. There are also five personalised treatments ranging from 20-minute add ons to the 90-minute Inhibit Face & Neck Lift. All have been choreographed with advanced massage techniques and include the V-Neck Definition System – a device that contains LED light therapy, micro-vibrations, infrared rays and galvanic electrotherapy to prep the skin and improve product absorption.