Going Green

Making the healthy choice can be easy, especially when it involves a full day of spa therapy with our Green Goddess, or for the gents Green Man, signature treatment.

At Le Jardin we constantly try to combine health with spa therapy believing that the two concepts work individually.

Of our vast repertoire of packages and day spa offerings perhaps the most supportive and holistic package indulges many traditional remedies and ingredients alongside herbal wellness concepts.

The Green Goddess naturally utilises our own organic and vegan product range and is designed to stimulate renewal and revival via combining spa pampering with therapeutic and detoxifying naturopathic techniques is remarkable and we have had many guests use this package for its metabolic and detoxification abilities.

As per all spa days we encourage you to begin with one hour of thermal usage availing of time in the vitality pool and infrared sauna, before embarking on your green man or goddess journey this not only helps the body to relax but also eases aching muscles and tension pre-treatment.

This package really does cover head to toe as you begin your therapy with a sinus relieving and airways stimulating herbal sinus inhalation (fortified with elderflower, yarrow and lavender) a derivative antiviral and immune boosting properties. This relaxing ceremony is then followed by a wonderful vert green facial massage treatment encompassing Japanese Ghu Sha lifting techniques and acupressure.

This is followed by an alpine body scrub and a full body warm Spirulina and seaweed wrap. The treatment ends with a tailored massage and a superfood green tonic drink served in our decadent relaxation room.

We lovingly refer to this treatment as our big green reset and believe that we have found the most luxurious of ways to enhance your wellness and aid your body’s detoxification process with this full day of spa therapy.