NB·Ceutical Tolerance Recovery Cream


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In the world that we live in, we are invariably exposed to free radical damage. Prone to irritation, flaking and tightness as well as the insidious effects of micro-inflammation, our skin is constantly in need of some sort of recovery. NB·Ceutical Tolerance Recovery Cream has been created specifically to target the root of sensitive skin: intolerance. Teaming up with physicians specialising in cosmetic dermatology, this formula contains ingredients like Phytocután®, Fermentus glaciarum extract and neuropeptide Sensorphine that soothe the skin, fight premature ageing, and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. The results: intense hydration, regeneration and a supreme soothing effect. Benefits: Nourishes and hydrates. Strengthens the skin’s defence system, thus preventing premature ageing. Diminishes the symptoms of skin discomfort.

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